Trigger warning: some discussion of depression, suicidal ideation, and child abuse. You may be familiar with a comedy that came out November 2008 called Role Models. If you are unfamiliar, know that it was Jane Lynch being hilarious before she immortalized Coach Sue Silvester on Glee. In the film, two energy drink salesmen (played by […]

Persephone Pioneers

Five Practical Things You Can Do to Give the Ladies Some Love

Let me firstly say, that I’m a casual feminist. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel strongly about certain issues, or that I’m uncommitted to improving the status of women, it just means that it’s one of many interests. I’m a feminist hobbyist, rather than a full-time, professional player.


How to Get in Touch with Your Artsy Side

Maybe you’re hankering for some painting, or you have a lifelong dream of being part of a kick line, or maybe you just need a way to relax from staring at spreadsheets all day. I might be biased as an art history student, but I believe that everyone needs a little art time to keep […]