Dairy and Lactose Be Damned! (Vegan) Cheese-Drenched Munchies for the Rest of Us

Praise be to Daiya! Lactose intolerant rejoice! Finally, a vegan cheese worth bragging about has arrived on the market. Let’s be real here ““ many vegan cheeses get the texture, smell, and taste way wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.


The Great Snack Debate: Fried Food Throwdown

Ah, March. The time when a young woman’s mind turns sweetly to thoughts of basketball. The air is electric with competition, the ground anticipates raining treys, and while young men lace up sneakers and dribble-drive with the best of them, I sink back in my couch with snacks.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 1/18

I expect today’s poll to be controversial and fraught with indecision for our dear readers. This highly-charged debate has been raging for years and has been known to break up friendships and marriages alike. I ask you: what…is your favorite cereal?