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Open Thread

This Open Thread Has a Migraine

At least t-ball got rained out, because I did NOT want to deal with chasing a bunch of 4-6 year olds around with my head going haywire on me. Visual auras are a fucking trip. 

Pop Culture

Kickstartable: My Days of Losing Words: a Photo Book of Chronic Migraine

This week’s featured Kickstarter project is one that so many people will relate to. Rachael Jablo is creating a photo book that chronicles her struggle with chronic migraine headaches.

Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 6/3

Today we have a two-part poll about headaches. I was gifted with a three-day headache this week before it finally blossomed into a full-on migraine at about 9 p.m. yesterday. I tried all sorts of stuff to get rid of the normal headache, but there is only one thing that will kill one of my […]