Just for Fun

28 Years and 1 Day Old

I’ve officially completed 28* full years of existence (*This number is dependent on your stance on when life begins. For most, it’s the moment you first heard Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child included). I wrote this list when I was still innocent and fearful of accidentally becoming a member of the 27 club through some fatal combination […]


Good News For A Change (or “Viral For Old People”)

Combing this past week’s news stories for a song idea was fairly discouraging — I can’t find anything funny about the possibility of air strikes against Syria, not to mention the human rights atrocities there. I’ve already done a song about Congressional gridlock, the sequester just keeps getting more depressing, and while Anthony Weiner has made […]

Open Thread

This Weekend Open Thread is Octobery

Next Wednesday is our second birthday, we recently crossed the elusive 5 million visitor milestone AND we ran our 7000th post today. Let’s all have some pomegranate cocktails, pull out our happiest .gifs and add to the fun by making this the most commented on open thread in PMag history. 


How to Travel Alone ““ Or, That One Time I Went to London By Myself

Last summer, I lived in London for an internship. It was my first time taking a big trip alone and I. Was. Nervous. Fears included, but were not limited to, the following: forgetting my passport, losing luggage, getting on the wrong flight, missing my flight entirely, becoming distracted at the souvenir shops in the airport […]