PoC News Around the World

It’s Martin Luther King Day, so let do what we do best and start unpacking this nation’s terrible race relations, starting with a movie about him!

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Would Never Ban Squirting

With all the terrible things going on this week, we actually have a few spots of good news this week. Not many, but I’ll take what I can get! Plus, this week’s BAMFs are even more badass than usual, and two of them are only 7 years old. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything […]


Finally, A Life Advice List Not Aimed at Millennials

It seems like you can’t hock a loogie without hitting an article about all the things 20-somethings are doing wrong, or should be doing, or need to do ASAP if they’re going to be high-powered CEOs with perfect marriages and 2.5 dogs by the time they hit 30. This is not one of those articles.


Taylor Swift Can’t Be the Voice (or Even a Voice) of a Generation

She was everywhere, and then she was everywhere. I cannot get away from Taylor Swift. And while I’ve never particularly liked her (mainly because I think she’s a middling (at best) singer and a feeble songwriter), lately my ire’s been growing, and I’ve gone from mid-level annoyance to pre-wrath. She’s just so”¦drippy. And that’s all […]


How to Be the Best New Employee Ever

It’s your first week on a new job. You are the new kid in the cafeteria, the one unfamiliar with the lingo and the customs of this environment. You will be awkward. You will be a little too formal on Monday and a little too casual on Wednesday when you overcorrect. People will forget your […]

Generation XX

Growing Up X-ish: Notes from a Straddler

Selena’s Gen X article from a few weeks ago resonated with many people. I enjoyed it too, as I remember watching both Heathers and Reality Bites in my teens. On tape. Because I was too young for them when they first came out.