For Those Who Have Considered Non-Hormonal Birth Control, When The Pill Isn’t Enough

Q. I have a birth control issue. I’ve gone through dozens of pills over the years and also tried the NuvaRing with no success; my usually-supercharged sex drive is always flipped on its ass, I become a mushy demon woman from hell, and the idea of being so much as touched by my s/o sounds […]

We try it!

We Try It: Getting An IUD

Last week, I got a Mirena IUD. I’ve been on the NuvaRing for about two and a half years, but I’ve wanted an IUD for at least that long. I discussed switching with my boyfriend, who was enthusiastic, and I’ve been passively considering how to go about this for a couple of months now.


Ask the (Student) Nurse!

Dear Queenjulie, I know that some medications can interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control pill, but, once and for all,  do you have a list of which ones?