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Gifts for Unicorn Lovers: The Good, The Bad, and The Etsy

It’s gift giving time again, dear unicorn friends, and I have the last list you’ll need.


Three Easy and Cheap Ways to Accessorize Your Favorite Jeans and T-Shirt

If I could spend my entire life in sweatpants, a tank top, a hoodie, and slippers, I would. Unfortunately, since I have to leave the house and look presentable every day, that isn’t an option. I can do the next best thing, though, which is fancy up the most basic basics into quite cute little […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Fanatical Feline Fancier

I am so freaking sick of “Crazy Cat Lady.” Can we retire that already and replace it with Fanatical Feline Fancier? And who doesn’t love a little alliteration?