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New Show Recap: Project Runway All Stars, 3.07, “I Now Pronounce You QVC”

On this week’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the designers were whisked away to an exotic locale to design! They flew to Pennsylvania to see the studios of QVC. (For the purposes of this post, you should lower your expectations of the word “exotic.”)

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Recap: Project Runway, Episode 10.9, “It’s Dignity! Gah! Don’t You Even Know Dignity When You See It?”

“I wanna buy my mom a boob job.” This, Persephoneers, is why Not-So-Terrible Gunnar wants to win Project Runway. I almost want him to – just for that. But also not, because while he is not so terrible now, he is still a little terrible and has cartoon villain hair, yet is little more than […]