Mid-Week News

Each time I do the news, I look for one little ray of sunshine in all the bad news. And this week we have a great one. I put it at the end so when you leave, you feel a little better about the world.


Five Minutes In The Pharmacy

So the other day, I had a crisis of faith. Not necessarily the easiest feat for a Humanist to pull off, but I did my best. I was sitting in the pharmacy waiting for the pharmacist to make up a couple of Mr. Juniper’s prescriptions, and wondering whether or not to get the morning after […]


Pharmaceutical Industry Gouges Women with Plan B’s Absurd Price

Two days ago I found myself in the sticky situation of having to run out to my local Walgreen’s and pick up Plan B. A few aspects of the popular morning after pill have been modified in the year-plus-change since I last bought it–firstly, it’s now Plan B “One Step,” so you only have to […]