Open Thread

This Open Thread Is Not Amused

I’ve been away from home for five weeks now, and I was wondering how my garden was doing. After a few days of gentle reminders, left-at-home husband duly sent a picture – and it turns out an entire border of lovingly sown wildflowers has disappeared. Someone has obviously been too helpful, and I’ve just poured myself […]


One Weird Old Trick for Living With Your Mother-in-Law


Just for Fun

You Need to Go on a DU

I got the idea for a DU (destination unknown) from my husband and thus my mother-in-law. She has tons of amazing crazy ideas that I steal and utilize with my own family. A DU can be for anyone and can go anywhere. The first time I heard of it my husband said, “Let’s go.” Where? […]

New Show Recap

Parenthood Recap: Off With Her Door!

Last week we left Haddie furious with her parents (Kristina and Adam), Crosby begging his brother in law, Joel, to come back and help with the kindergarten play and Sarah contemplating her kids. This week again focused on Haddie, to the point where I’m ready for the show to move on in a different direction. […]


How to Fix Your Mother-In-Law

You”™ve stolen her child away from her. Nothing”™s going to make that right. Here is a simple three-step plan that will change your relationship ““ for good!