Record Machine: “The Roller” by Beady Eye, Limited Edition Single

Friends, I can’t help it – if one of my favorite musicians puts out a limited edition or otherwise rare piece of music, I am compelled to buy it. Yes, sometimes those special releases are beyond personal affordability, but when Beady Eye released their single “The Roller” as a numbered 7″, I had to own […]


What Does a Diabetic Look Like?

“Wow … you don’t LOOK like a diabetic!” I hear that comment frequently and always have to stop and wonder, “What the heck does a diabetic look like?” I know the statement is intended to be a compliment, and it’s one I appreciate, but I confess the comment offends me. There, I said it. Being told I don’t “look like a […]

Pop Culture

Kardashian Christmas Photos Through The Ages–Starring Leather + Hair!

The  2010 Kardashian Christmas photo was released this week, and it features America’s favorite family (if the Obamas want to compete, they better get Malia and Sasha modeling contracts, stat!) in a pose that combines Addams Family gloominess with Boardwalk Empire-style gangster-cred (little Mason is in a pinstriped suit for crying over easy) with what […]