On Violence and Womanhood: Reacting to Elliot Rodger

This weekend, seven people were murdered because Elliot Rodger, a wealthy 22-year-old California resident, thought women owed him sex.

Pop Culture

Best of Tumblr: Nothing Nemo Edition

A lot of tumblr last week was preoccupied with Nor’easter Nemo, but the tumblr world moves so fast that, by Friday, it had moved on to the normal preoccupations of tumblr: fandoms, food, gifs, beautiful things, funny things, and Miley Cyrus. This is what I crown the Best of Tumblr: Nothing Nemo Edition.

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Dispatches from the Manosphere

As a participant on the series of tubes we call the Internet, I often am confronted with some of the worst dregs of society.  I know you’re nodding your head and saying to yourself, “That happens to me too, Slay!” However I did not know–and I’m pretty sure you didn’t either–that there’s this whole other […]