My Little Feminequist Pony: Lesbian Separatist Fan Fiction

“Do you ever get tired of stallions?” asked Celestia, flopping down next to her Luna on the chaise lounge. “I mean, do you ever feel like this palace is practically seething with testosterone-fuelled rivalry? Sometimes I’m just so over it.” “It’s bad enough being a princess, with all the gender garbage that goes along with […]

Serious Business

Ladyblog You Should Be Reading: Ravishly

Happy Monday, friends! I’m tickled to announce a new partnership with the equally bookish and clever dames over at Ravishly, including P-Mag alum Jetta Rae. 

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Pop Culture Phenomena

My wife and I are finally catching up on Breaking Bad. We are only half way through the second season. Our trip to Albuquerque kind of spurred us to watch it again. It is one of a handful of water cooler shows that I feel like I missed out on when they originally aired. In this […]

This Week in Misogyny

This Week In Misogyny: Everything Sucks

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, this week’s news is just awful. Politicians are awful, victim-blamers are awful, the internet is awful. Let’s get ready to punch this week in the face, yes? (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)


P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 1981 with Bryn

Okay, everybody, put on your Adidas and grab your favorite My Little Pony. Is your hair pouffy enough? I’m kidding – it can never pouffy enough, because we’re headed to 1981!

Open Thread

Monday Flashback Open Thread: What’s Old is New Again

They say that fashion goes in twenty year cycles. These days, I’m wondering about toys. I was the happy owner of an original Care Bear, my daughter, thirty-five years later, is thoroughly enjoying a Care Bear of her own. My son is just as into Star Wars as my brother was the summer that Return […]