The Sound Of Marriage Equality

Whatever you thought of the live Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood, it was still commendable for a number of reasons, including exposing country fans to musical theatre, and showing people who’d only seen the movie the numbers and scenes that were cut from it. Not that Julie Andrews wasn’t adorable, but in the movie, […]


Science News: 11/13/13

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Lots of good news this week, from asteroids that aren’t going to kill us all to several awesome new species (and babies of everyone’s favorite new species of the year). Also, updates on the supposed global wine shortage and early puberty epidemic. On the terrible end of the spectrum, though, there’s Haiyan.


What I Watched Last Night: The Flat (2011)

The curse of Netflix is its excessive supply: most nights it takes us half an hour to choose something. While browsing movies last night, my husband chose The Flat based on its intriguing description — and then watched in puzzlement for 15 minutes before realising it wasn’t in fact a thriller.


Mid-Week News: Here We Are

Hello, hello, hello, and hello – welcome back kittens and poodles. Here we are again, taking to the weekly mediated chaotic universe, highlighting the week’s events and news, the things that are enough to send us running for the hills and screaming for mercy. So, pop on your safety goggles, hold each other close, and hug […]