PoC News in America

This week we’re just overwhelmed with the glamour our First Lady was serving at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Bask in her glory and so much more in this week’s roundup.

Friday News Bites: Social Justice and Entertainment Like Woah

We’ve got a bit of a Jumbo-Sized News Bites this week, so settle in and let’s talk about some of what happened this week, friends.

Dispatches From Ladyblogland: Entertainment Edition

Greetings, one and all. Shall we take a stroll through a few internet neighborhoods and see what’s been happening in Ladyblogland? This week’s feminist dispatches center around our entertainment.

The NBA Lockout leads to an Anti-Trust Lawsuit

NBA games are cancelled through December 15th, cutting out at least 26% of professional basketball games, and extending the lockout indefinitely. The owners and the players have been in talks since the summer, trying to reach a deal. The owners want the players to give up a portion of their revenue share: players currently get […]

Balls, Horses, and Math: Summer Sports are a Whole New Ballgame

It’s over. No more bouncing balls, no more penetrations to the rim. College basketball and all its innuendos are nothing but dusty relics of an innocent time long since past. Well, until November. But if you come closer, I’ll reveal the winners of the bracket challenge and give y’all some things to look forward to […]