Reader Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 20: Emotional Contagions

While it may sound like a plot of the week for some sci-fi or supernatural tv show, the concept of the emotional contagion is a legitimate psychological finding. It affects you in almost every aspect of your life: work, home, family, fun times. And you infect others with your own emotional contagions without even realizing […]


Is it Passive Aggression?

I have noticed lately in my life that many people describe behavior they find distasteful as “passive aggressive,” whether the behavior actually is passive aggressive or not. So, rather than confront them directly about this inaccuracy, I have decided to write an article about it under a pseudonym.


Work It On Out: Motivation

Welcome back to Work It On Out, my weekly post in which I thinly disguise my own personal work-out interests as being intended for the common good.  That’s why this week’s theme is Motivation.  I just got home from the lamest workout I’ve had in a while.  I couldn’t get going at all.  My legs […]