Shocker (Not): Women Like Game of Thrones

After last Sunday’s episode, I’m sure some of us are wishing that we didn’t watch Game of Thrones. There’s nothing quite like having your heart ripped out by your favorite television show, is there?  It turns out that women love the cleverness and brutality of GoT, complete with all of its heart-ripping, throat-slitting goodness, just […]

Open Thread

Weekend Open Thread!

Yay, weekend! Who’s happy to see their friend Friday again?

Book Club

Nerd Alert: Persephone Book Club To Read The Hobbit

That’s right, y’all! Inspired by the recent excitement concerning the Hobbit movie, I decided to re-read the book over the holiday weekend. I was further inspired to implore you all to read it again (or for the first time!) so we can get our nerd on next week and talk about it.


Let’s Talk about “The Hobbit”

Considering the fact that I’m a huge Tolkien fan, you’d think I would have been excited about the upcoming Hobbit movie for a long time now. But it’s not entirely true.


Glasses: Necessity or Accesory?

This will probably shock approximately no one, but I wear glasses. I don’t need them once in a while to drive or watch TV; I need them to live. They’re the first thing I put on when I wake up and the last thing I take off when I go to bed.

Pop Culture

What I’ve Learned from a 3-month Subscription to Game Informer

I moved this past summer, and part of my desperate purge of belongings to create more space in my new, tiny apartment included a trip to Game Stop to sell some video games. Yes, it was a painful thing to do, but it made financial sense and it gave me the opportunity to take a […]