Women In Academia

Having a Web Presence: Good Idea, Bad Idea, or Bleh Idea?

Every so often, I get an alarmingly colorful newsletter in my inbox shouting about the importance of creating and cultivating a web presence. I generally agree: if you have something to say, and if you want to get yourself out there, then creating a Real Name Spot on the Web is not a bad idea. […]

Pop Culture

Communication, the Digital Way

I liken the Internet to a huge mall full of stores and kiosks peddling every single item you can think of to a never-ending supply of customers. I bet the entrepreneurs looking to make their millions through this medium share my vision.   But one thing baffles me.


Networkin’ It

Last time, I wrote about how using a recruiter may help pull you out of unemployment. Today I thought I’d focus on what probably is many people’s least favorite job searching tactic: Networking. Networking is one of those nice, vague words (like “hooking up”) that can mean pretty much whatever you want it to mean. […]