Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll – 9/21

It’s fall TV Season!  I’m wondering what new TV shows you’re planning on tuning into.  I haven’t been that excited about any new shows coming up, and for most of them I will probably wait until I hear good things before I add them to my DVR.

Open Thread

Tuesday Night Open Thread (Plus Site Junk)

Not to be confused with the junk you’d see on chatroulette.  It’s Tuesday night, there was some new TV on, we had a day full of bookish, clever posts.  All is right with the Persepheverse. We could use a hand with a couple things, however, find the details after the cut.


Rosetta Stone and Life Skills

As you know, I am using Rosetta Stone to try to learn Spanish.  As you may know, if you have ever tried to learn a language, pretty much every scenario involves people being completely dumb and/or socially awkward.  Here are some of my favorites from so far in my Rosetta Stone journey.