I Watched It So You Don’t Have to: New Year’s Eve

I should start off by sharing a couple of details about New Year’s Eve, my state of mind while watching it and the resulting review. First, I knew this movie was going to be a steaming colostomy bag of empty dreams before watching it. Second, I was deep into the throes of PMS when I watched […]


No Thanks, I Don’t Really Drink

Want to mess with someone at a party?  Just whip out those six little words.  It is almost comical to see how many people are derailed by that statement.  I say “almost comical” because it can also be a real pain in the ass.

The Daily Goodie

First Daily Goodie of the New Year

Welcome to the first day of Persephone Magazine in the New Year! We’ve been working hard upgrading the site and we hope you like it.  Let us know and register to become a commenter while you’re at it. Today’s Daily Goodie is pictures of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.  In my house, there’s […]