Please Stop, Snore Stop

Thank God I found something to feel uncomfortable about this week. I was running out of things to write about. Have you seen this ad for Snore Stop? (Picture after the cut.)

News in Europe

Your Weekly Europe Roundup

It’s been a busy week in Europe. Germany and Italy are fighting about refugees, a Danish court lifts patient confidentiality, free press is still no reality in Belarus and more.


Running Out of Time in Yemen

Yemen has proved to be one of the biggest surprises since these Middle Eastern revolutions began. It has long been overlooked as a dusty, conservative backwater. In terms of other Gulf states, it has neither the wealth of Saudi Arabia or the prestige of the UAE.


Unpacking Feminism’s Backpack

As a note, I will be using “we” in this essay. It’s difficult because “we” is not easily defined and I am not an authority. “We” will always be more complex than words can cover. “We” always lacks in various representation and “we” does not always cover “we.” I will use it in reference to […]