Friday News Bites: Second Nepal Earthquake, Women on 20s + More

Greetings, all! I’ve been away for a week, and I’m just now catching up on some of the things that have been happening in the U.S. and elsewhere. Sometimes being without the internet for a week makes one feel as though everything happens when one is not paying attention! Let’s get started:


The Year of Reading Women: Beryl Bainbridge

Fun Fact: I wrote my thesis about Antarctic Literature. Yes, that’s a thing! My professor pushed the subject, because she was clearly taken by it, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. It’s very niche, but incredibly exciting and rewarding. Because there aren’t many fictional works that are set in Antarctica, you can get through […]


A Short Guide to the English Weather

Whatever they say about stereotypes, I have found this one to be true: The weather in England sucks. Nobody comes to England for the weather. Lots of people stay despite the weather, and are quietly resigned to it. Me, I am quietly raging.