Discussion Links: Body-Shaming in “Identity Thief” and “Girls”

Nothing quite raises my hackles like lazy journalism, and this week, I’m certainly not alone. Two different writers, Roxane Gay and Dustin Rowles, take on the body-shaming rampant in the media’s reaction to the film Identity Thief and the TV show Girls.

Pop Culture

On Lena Dunham’s Nakedness and What It All Means

Those who were scandalized by Angelina Jolie’s right leg at the Oscars better avert their eyes from anything featuring Lena Dunham.  After watching her second feature-length film, Tiny Furniture, plus the first seven-minute episode of an internet series she wrote and co-starred in, I’ve seen every part of her body starting with the letter “b” […]


One Pasty At A Time: We All Put On Our Stockings One Foot At A Time

Consider me surprised, but I seem to have a knack for nipple tassels. Thank god, because when you are surrounded by women who professionally dance for a living, there’s something about the fact that you: 1) have never taken a dance class in your life and 2) have about as much rhythm as a transistor […]