Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness Voting, Round 2

It’s seven o’clock, which means it’s Middlemarch time! After the cut I have last night’s winners, and updated bracket AND the polls for the 7s v. 10s.  So don’t say I never gave you anything.  Last night’s battles were all super, super close with no more than 10 votes separating the individuals.   Curious? Click on! […]

Open Thread

Open Thread: Good Evening Persephoneers!

It’s seven o’clock here at the Persephone offices, which means we’re done filling up the page for the day, and now it’s your turn.   Enjoy this thread all weekend, but keep in mind it may take us just a little bit longer than normal to approve the newbies while we attend to our pesky real […]

Just for Fun

Tuesday Night Trivia Shindig

This reminds me of writing pop quizzes, but much more random.  It’s four o’clock here in the Persephone empire, and we’re taking it easy this week while all our lady writers are traveling and planning their roast beast dinners.  We’ll be back in the morning, in the meantime have fun with the Tuesday trivia after […]



When we think about the holidays, a lot of things come to mind.  Food, family, giving the perfect gift, everybody has their favorites.  Sadly, the one thing almost everybody associates with December is stress.


Just Boot It.

I live in Canada. The snowy, icy land where the mighty polar bear reigns supreme and all you can see is blizzard for miles around. Okay, maybe not.


How to Shoot a Gun Like a Sane Person

Guns skeeve me out. Yes, people kill people, but access to weapons that unleash nearly instantaneous internal bleeding and cause organ and tissue damage at the press of a trigger doesn’t do much to discourage people from killing people. But I’m not here to hurl bastardized bon mots at the theoretical bunker walls of the […]