Ask STFU Jezzies 3/3

I am running out of greetings for Ask STFU Jezzies….but, it’s that time again.  I just have one question today, but I think it’s one we can all identify with, so feel free to weigh in!

LadyGhosts of TV Past

My So-Called Life: Halloweentown

Well, it’s Halloween in Pittsburgh and Angela thinks about the holiday as the Chase family gets ready in the morning. She still loves Halloween because it’s her one chance to be someone else, if just for a night. Angela did mention the idea of “being someone else” twice in her little voiceover narration within 25 […]

The Frisky Feminist

She’s My (Oil-Based, Artifically-Flavored) Cherry Pie

For this week’s column, we dug into our nightstand drawer in order to review all of the tasty (and not-so-tasty) sex accessories we’ve collected. Flavored condoms and dental dams can make practicing safer sex (or at least oral sex and rimming) a little more fun and fruity, and warming flavored massage oil can really hit […]