Which Music Streaming Service is Best?

These days, everyone seems to be using a different streaming service. Facebook is littered with notifications on what your great-aunt Prudence is listening to (who knew she liked Kanye?), and the options for streaming are approaching limitless. So how do you decide which service is right for you? How do you sift through the dozens […]


Getting That Perfect Playlist

Probably just like you, I need to have a certain ambiance when I’m writing. I need to sit in a certain place, have my tea and my munchies at the ready, keep my notes on hand, and of course, have that perfect playlist on. A playlist is a big necessity, because it sets the mood […]

Just for Fun

Wednesday Wrap-Up: Audience Dare

We made it!  How was your day?  This is our new Wednesday night feature: The audience dare! This was suggested by the lovely Miss Sally J. and I really like the idea.  Today’s dare is to Pay It Forward. I am a sucker for Holiday season giving cheesiness.  I love a Christmas movie with a […]