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The Twelve Days of PMag Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas, PMag gave to me:

Pop Culture

Join the Binge Watch!

“You young kids, you can’t wait for a new season. You have to watch every episode at once. You have no patience!” This was my mother, scolding me for watching the entire first season of Orange is the New Black in under a week. When I pointed out that if streaming services had been around when […]


The Most Relevant Pop Star

If I told you there exists a pop star who recorded their first album in 1978, just released a recorded that is as relevant as their first record, and still gets play on the radio, would you believe me? 


The Genesis of Creativity

Having taken on the challenge of writing a new political comedy song every week, as well as writing songs regularly for children’s music publishers, I am regularly confronted with the question of whence comes the kernel of inspiration. Or in less high-falutin’ terms, “Oh crap, what am I gonna write this week?” But that’s sort […]