How to Lead a Passionate Life Without Being Passionate About Your Job

I’m all about pursuing your passions. I mean, one of my passions is the idea that doing what you’re passionate about is possible! But with all the talk about doing what you love, it’s easy to get really caught up in figuring out a way to pursue your passion as a career. People worry that […]


The Mother Of All Roles

I was watching the Oscars the other night in bed, trying to stay awake to see my betrothed Colin Firth win that long overdue award, when Natalie Portman won for Best Actress In A Leading Role. I thought her speech was very poignant and sweet. I especially loved the way she thanked her parents for […]


Liveblogging the Biggest Loser Finale

Tonight we happened to be loafing on the couch after dinner. While my husband was showing me how to make a whistle out of an empty raisin box,  The Biggest Loser Finale Live (Season 10) came on. Awesome. But before the show begins, this teaser from K5 news: “A foot washes up in Puget Sound. […]