Science News: 10/31/13

It’s mostly fun stuff in this edition of science news! We’ve got good news regarding a possible asteroid hitting Earth, takedowns of some really dumb science, and cool videos of Mars, the Moon, and a rebuttal to climate change deniers. Plus, a special Halloween treat if you read all the way to the end!


Open Letter to People Who Pee on Toilet Seats

Dear Inconsiderate Pissers, This week I have sat on no fewer than five toilets covered in pee in train stations, mall bathrooms, airports, and in restaurants. It seems that everywhere I go, one of you has left me a present to marinate my butt in. Well, I’m tired of cleaning up other people’s piss.


Wal-Mart During the Holidays is the Fourth Circle of Hell

I decided on fourth rather than seventh circle because I’m trying not to be dramatic. The last time I was in Wal-Mart, three days ago, I got so aggravated after ten minutes of searching for tampons that I started tearing up and if it weren’t for the intrepidity of my partner I’d probably still be […]