Women In Academia

Getting through the mid-term push

It’s the end of October and November is looming with its angry weather and constant grading, paper submissions, grant deadlines, and the oh-so-fun job hunt. The freshness of September has worn off by now – office supplies are no longer in crisp-from-the-store condition and the ambitious to-do list tacked on the wall above the desk now […]

LadyGhosts of TV Past

LadyGhosts of TV Past: Firefly Episode 7, “Jaynestown”

“He robbed from the rich, and he gave to the poor. Stood up to the man, and he gave him what for. Our love for him now, ain’t hard to explain: The hero of Canton, the man they call Jaaaayne.”

New Show Recap

Parenthood Recap: Thanksgiving, Braverman Style

I love holiday episodes of my favorite television shows. It just makes the characters seem more real. NBC’s Parenthood put on a classic Thanksgiving episode, complete with an argument over who was going to carve the turkey.