Pop Culture

Is There a Glass Ceiling on American Idol?

I watch American Idol. And yes, I enjoy it. It’s something I can do for a few months of the year with my husband (and now my daughter), and despite the fact that we both have “good taste” in music, we really get into it. I own this, and I feel no shame.


Multicultural Education: More Than Books and Posters

I was in a graduate class the other night and we began discussing the subject of culture and its role in the classroom.  A fellow student, who I will call “Amy,” began talking about how multicultural her preschool room is; she has books and posters all over that feature children from all different races and […]


On Being Mixed: The Other’s Other

“What are you?” If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that question, I could pay off my student loans. What I am is mixed race, multi-ethnic, a hapa, whatever you want to call it ““ equal parts Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, and English. Some of my family members came to America seventeen generations […]