Flying Freckle

Passengers need to follow every order the pilot gives. Long hair needs to be tied down. Nothing needs to be pointed or waved at our energy source. When the pilot calls “Brace!” the passenger should immediately get into the aforementioned position. Add me being scared of heights and suddenly I was – in a pasture in the […]


Bisexual? Bi George, I think she’s got it!

I can remember the first time I had Capital F “Feelings” for another woman. I was 16 years old and participating in a weeklong government program at a nearby university. Halfway through the session, we participated in conventions, in which we gathered with the rest of our fictional political party, composed a platform, and, most […]


Work It On Out: Couch-To-5K

This is the first in a series I will be doing about fitness and exercise.  First, the obligatory disclaimer: I am in no way a doctor, dietitian, personal trainer or what have you. Just a lazy woman with a gym membership.  So, you know, consult a real doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for […]