3 Facts You May Not Know About Nyctophobia

You may not know what the heck nyctophobia means much less three things about it. Nyctophobia refers to “an abnormal fear of the night or darkness.” This fear goes by many names including achluophobia, scotophobia, and lygophobia. Many people confronted this paralyzing fear as children, whether it was the fear of the boogeyman in the […]

Tuesday Trivia

Fun Time Open Thread: Scary Stuff

I had it all planned in my head that I was going to do some candy trivia tonight, inspired by the fact that I have been eating a disturbing number of Nestle’s Crunch limited edition Girl Scout Cookie candy bars – you know, to support the Girl Scouts. Then I sat down at the laptop, surrounded […]


Fascinating Science Wiki-Spirals

I spent the whole weekend travelling. It was pretty great, but boy are my arms tired. Wait, I don’t think I set that joke up correctly. Never mind that, I have a point to get to! And the point is this: when I am traveling, I like to read something light and interesting, and with […]