What I Learned When I Infiltrated A Pick-up Artist Forum

Ravishly’s Nikki Gloudeman went undercover in a PUA forum to see what kinds of awful things they say when they think they’re among friends. They were predictably terrible. TW misogyny.

You Complete Me Internet

Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Yay Feminism

I think my favorite article this week was about how institutionalized feminism prevents assholes from winning.

Op Ed

That F’in Kickstarter Campaign

[TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault]


How Do You Decide To Give a Date a Second Chance?

It’s a date for dinner, not a commitment for life! That was my mom’s mantra when my sister and I were dating, to encourage us to date people that we might not otherwise.  She also used it when we were asked out on second dates by guys that we felt kind of lukewarm about.  In […]