The Fine Art of Working From Home

I’m sure some people thrive getting dressed up every day and doing the majority of their paid work for a company in an office. I’ve never really worked full-time in an office environment, so I don’t know if that’s a good fit for me.


My Celluloid Apartment

Cinema is built on the notion of fantasy. The very act of sitting in a dark theatre and watching a film has long been discussed as an act of escape, of regression, even of Plato’s Cave-like sensory deprivation (see: Apparatus Theory). Beyond pie-in-the-sky theory, Hollywood has constructed innumerable stories of aspirational wealth and glory.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 2/22

Well, hello there. It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday for the Americans among us who had Presidents’ Day off. Still, making it to lunchtime is a little victory for us all, eh? Today’s poll, partially inspired by Nanna’s lovely piece yesterday, is about goals.