Fibonacci Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number

The Fibonacci sequence is probably something you learned about in math class at some point, but I never realized until well after school just how freaking cool it is. Ready to get your mind blown?


Science News Roundup: 5/1/12

We’ve got a mix of good news and bad this week. Global warming sucks, but new water sources in Africa may provide some measure of protection for its people. Lots of species may be in danger, but did you know some species of sharks glow in the dark? I didn’t! There’s also some cool news […]


News Appetizers: Pigeons have GPS, Violence is Everywhere, Learn to Fool Cameras

Hello and happy Monday, Persephoneers. Yesterday marked 20 years since the riots in L.A. following the Rodney King verdict, which is – I mean, twenty years? Next you’re going to tell me that the O.J. Simpson trial was the trial of last century. In today’s news: