News Appetizers: This Week, Imma Try to Focus on the Not Awful

Newwwwws!  The last week has been tough for me in terms of “the world is awful,” so my goal for this week is to find the silver lining.


Badass Ladies of History: Bald Grace

“A woman that hath impudently passed the part of womanhood and been… chief commander and director of thieves and murderers at sea.”* Who doesn’t love a pirate queen?

New Show Recap

Recap: Doctor Who 6.03 “Curse of the Black Spot”

Lily Cole scares the crap out of some pirates, Matt Smith is adorable, and Johnny Depp does not make a cameo in this week’s standalone episode of Doctor Who. I’m feeling itchy just writing about it, because there is a timehead baby mystery to solve, and we’re just standing around playing swordfighting in funny hats.