The Definitive Pizza Topping Ranking

I am a mass consumer of pizza. In my household, we probably consume two or three pizza or pizza-like substances a week at bare minimum. I think because my wife and I both work retail and she goes to school full time, our food options tend to lean toward the easy and the take out. […]

Lunchtime Poll

LTP: 11/11/11

It has often been said that the fastest way to get a roomful of people arguing is to say, “Let’s order pizza!” I have never witnessed actual brawling over pizza toppings, but I have seen normally sensible adults spend an evening pouting because their desire for pineapple was unanimously shot down.


I Want to Eat a Pizza

How are you feeling? Did you have a good week? Anyone build any arks or find any crocodiles swimming down their street? Just me then, huh? It’s been cold and rainy all week, and according to, things haven’t been much better across the country. Well, when the weather gives me soppy, disgusting, stay-indoors weather, […]