What Politicians Can Learn From Moms

I’ve long maintained that the skills we develop as mothers could come in handy in all sorts of larger contexts, like international relations (“Israel and Palestine, if you can’t share the Gaza Strip I’m taking it away from both of you!”), industrial pollution (“BP, clean up that oil spill NOW!”), or political gridlock (“Congress, you’re […]


Mid-Week News: Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

I’m your new mid-week news nibbles anchor, eager to bring you the latest happenings in easy to digest bits. Let’s grab a coffee and shoot the shit about some current events. 


The Elephant in the Room: Plagarism

I was reading the Chronicle of Higher Education, as is a general habit of mine, and I came across an interesting article by Rob Jenkins about his view of what is a “rational response to plagiarism.” The whole thing is a good read, but I have some (possibly nit-picky) issues with his post, and I’d […]

News in Europe

Your Weekly Europe Roundup

Hello from Europe! We’re some of the Persephone writers, who from now on will write weekly updates on what’s going on in Europe. All neatly summarized and with a link for more information. So let’s start the first week with a lying minister in Germany, protests in Greece, elections in Ireland and more!