Education in America

Let Them Build Forts

I am teaching a multi-age classroom this year, covering three grades. It is quite a difference from teaching a traditional classroom of one grade. There are times I miss having only kindergarten. But I have wonderful students that make this year so rewarding. I’ve discovered several things with my students:

Pop Culture

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up: The Real Reason Why Everyone Hates Jerry

Everyone knows why Jerry from Parks and Recreation is terrorized by the rest of the staff. He’s clumsy, overweight, and is inevitably in the wrong place at the wrong time, allowing his coworkers to ceaselessly come up with new ways to torment him. But, frankly, other characters are equally clumsy (Andy), overweight (Donna), and fit […]

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own: Play to Play

Who knew play was so much work?  Not me, apparently.