Climate Change Politics and Science Policy

This week, ScienceDebate.Org posted the responses to fourteen key scientific questions from President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Overall, the candidates responded as one might expect. However, the winds of change appear to have blown – both President Obama and Mr. Romney accept that climate change is real and that humans are having an […]


Women in Academia: Michelle Obama, the National Science Foundation, and the Question of Perpetuating Gender Roles

Last week, the White House announced new policies and initiatives aimed at making the lives of people with families in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields a little bit easier. While the policies focus on balancing family and work, women’s issues are explicitly mentioned ““ and I find myself a little torn on […]


Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading

Hello kids! Did most of you make it through the storm? I hope you are all safe and okay. I had to turn my full attention to this week’s ladyblogs in an effort to distract myself from every Randy, Jimmy, and Jill who had to Twitter blast their opinion about Irene and how it ruined […]


On Politics, Government, and Semantics

For the average person, politics and government are pretty much synonymous. At the very least, they belong in the same breath, “politics-and-government,” two concepts that always go together and occupy the same space in your mind. For folks like me, they’re two very different things.