What I Learned While Trying to Learn a New Language

Hello, hallo, bonjour, buongiorno, epa, hola, and cześć!


Soup of the Day: Fasolka

I have to admit that I like canned soups and stews. It’s all kinds of wrong, but the enormous (and not particularly healthy) amounts of salt that go in them are a guilty pleasure for me. Still, as much as I like canned Fasolka (Polish bean stew), I can honestly say that my husband’s homemade […]

Open Thread

This Open Thread Is Learning Something New

Oh, the things that grandmothers say. Mine has always been a big fan of acquiring knowledge. She used to nag us endlessly to sign up for all kinds of courses. And you know what? I can’t help but feeling that I should have joined that Italian exchange program. Maybe laziness wouldn’t win me over so […]


Manicures 101

I paint my nails often. Some (my husband) say way too often. And yet, to see them before they are complete, you would think my 4-year-old niece had painted them.