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When shit starts hitting the fan, sometimes all you can do is sit back with a (metaphorical) bucket of popcorn and enjoy the spectacle. 

Pop Culture

Welcome to the Persephone Movie Club!

Make some popcorn, ladies, we’re starting a movie club!


Positively Addictive Air-Popped Popcorn AKA World’s Best Vegan Party Snack

My passion for popcorn knows no bounds. I see a bag full of kernels of organic corn and my mind begins to marvel at the possibilities!  I will now share with you some of the best ways to season and enjoy a heaping bowl full of popping corn.


Popcorn – It’s good for more than stringing with cranberries

Is there anything better on a cold Christmas season day than putting on your Slanket, queuing up your favorite Netflix Instant genre and eating some popcorn? Answer: No.  But, if like me you’re tired of plain microwave popcorn, here are some recipes to spice up your snacks.  I guarantee these will taste even better if […]