Reader Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 10: Accepting Compliments

Spring is just around the corner. In most places, the weather is brightening up, clocks just changed (or will in a few weeks), and we’re well on our way out of the winter doldrums. For the first couple of months, I’ve focused a lot on how to react positively to negatives around you”¦ now it’s […]


Dry Wit: Mantra, Make It Happen

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m prone to moping. I’m a major moper. It happens to the best of us – idealists in particular seem to get discouraged when anything less than optimum happens, and it takes some serious mental training to move away from the mope and into the cope.


Work It On Out: Motivation

Welcome back to Work It On Out, my weekly post in which I thinly disguise my own personal work-out interests as being intended for the common good.  That’s why this week’s theme is Motivation.  I just got home from the lamest workout I’ve had in a while.  I couldn’t get going at all.  My legs […]