Friday News Bites: U.S. Elections, Nacho Day + More

Okay, even though the U.S. midterm elections gave the Republicans a congressional majority again, let us console ourselves with how this will make it easier for the Democrats to come back in 2016. We hope, anyway. Let’s get to this and more in this week’s newsy updates.


I Dropped Acid At A Pinball Convention So You Don’t Have To But Maybe You Should Anyway?

[Trigger Warning: Depictions of abuse, substance use, and suicide] She doesn’t take sugar or cream. The spoon is wholly ritual. Languid lulling of percolated pitch. She’s angry.


A Very Valentine’s Day Cannabis Talk Time

Greetings fellow lovers! This special edition of Cannabis Talk Time focuses on Love in several forms; from the biological – cannabis, disabilities, and sex- to the mental/emotional meanings of love and commitments. We hope everyone has a great day and a chance to share some love around in this world. As always, we welcome comments, […]

Pop Culture

This Title Needs Proofread

That title? LIKE NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD!! That title? Should read: This Title Needs to be Proofread  or This Title Needs Proofreading. (I almost changed it. ~ed)