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News in Europe: Never Trust a Russian Informer

Welcome, citizens, to a week that has one crisis smouldering and another looming. And the Scottish referendum isn’t even happening until next week.


Are Dieting Behaviors And Disordered Eating Behaviors Really So Different?

In November of 1998, during my senior year in college, I embarked on a new diet. I called it “low carb with fruit.” I cut out a lot of foods, and like most diets, it started working in the beginning. Because I was losing weight, I stuck with the diet very carefully.

Pop Culture

Chasing Kanye in Prague

Every Mother’s Day, as a youngster in Philadelphia, my family would go to the Art Museum. We would bet on how many people we would see run up the steps and pose triumphantly at the top. I think the most we ever saw in the twenty-minute walk from our car was ten people making that […]