Pop Culture

The Persephone Interview: Alison Arngrim Pt. 1

My brushes with celebrity are limited to the time I think I served John Mellencamp coffee when I worked the overnight at Denny’s and some of the cast of Battlestar Galactica (the new one) at a con.   This was my first celebrity interview, and I’m pretty sure even if my next interview is James McAvoy […]


We Try It – Confessions of a Prairie Bitch

I am not normally a fan of dishy tell-all books.  I do, however, have a huge soft spot for books by former child stars.  I ate up Tori Spelling’s first book a few summers ago like it was made of fluffernutter sandwiches.  Mommy Dearest may well have changed my life when I was 12.  (The […]

Public Service

You Are the Sunshines of My Life

Which is nice on days like today when it seems like the sun isn’t coming up at all.  It’s seven AM here at Persephone, I’m getting started early because I just noticed I assigned myself like nine things to write today.  Go me! We’ll see if we get to them all, or if I bore […]

Just for Fun

It’s the Best Day Ever

Oh, friends.   On our one month birthday, we may have achieved the pinnacle in ladyblogging.   Sure, we’ve got 225 posts up, a dozen or so of some of the best writers I’ve ever met and the most delightful commenters a blog could have.  We may have busted out of one server and are on our […]