Where are the Women in This Presidential Election?

Where, oh where, have the womenfolk gone? I may have been spoiled last presidential election, but the 2012 campaign season has been so dudely I can hardly stand it.

New Show Recap

Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.06, “The Trail”

The scene opens with the president and Olivia at her apartment. Just where we left off. He shows her the tape and strongly suggests that she hears it. (Um”¦ what it if wasn’t Amanda on the tape? Who the heck has that then?)


True North: The Political Compass and You

The recent Republican and Tea Party debates mean only one thing: the Presidential campaign is in full swing far earlier than anyone could possibly want. Over the next (long, long) fifteen months, I am sure that annoying people on the internet and supposed professionals alike will be throwing out words like “socialist,” “libertarian,” and “fascist” […]