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Ask UfYH: Sentimental Stuff, Dog Pee, and Putting Things Away

Q: Do you have any advice on sentimentality? I just graduated from college and am undertaking a major room clean, and I don’t know what to do with the things I’ve collected throughout my life (i.e., posters I don’t have the room or inclination to hang anymore, stuffed animals, notebooks). How can I decide what […]


Parenting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: An Update

In my previous post about parenting two children while having chronic fatigue syndrome, my daughter was in school and I felt much worse at the time. I’m pleased to say I’ve made some progress.


World Aids Day””Look How Far We’ve Come

Today is World Aids Day, which marks nearly 20 years since the AIDS virus was first recognized by the U.S. Center for Disease Control. A 2010 Global Report from UNAIDS demonstrates just how far we’ve come since then in preventing, treating, and eradicating the AIDS virus, and offers hope for the future.