Op Ed

Same Tune, Different Lyrics: T.R. and the ACA

This past Thursday, with the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, the effort to make sweeping reforms to health care came full circle. And interestingly enough, the whole idea began not with the Democrats, but with the Progressive Republicans of the early twentieth century.


Election 2011 Roundup

Odd-year elections in the US are often…well, odd. Federal officials like Presidents and Members of Congress are elected predominantly in even years; odd years are usually a mishmash of local offices like town councils, mayors, county legislatures, and the occasional statewide proposition. Frequently, these elections are held without a lot of national media attention (although […]


Big deals, Blowing Things Out of Proportion, etc”¦

Can I just say how hypocritical some progressives and liberals are about what they decide can be or not be a “big deal” when we’re fighting for racial/gender/sexual/etc. equality? By saying certain communities are blowing this out of proportion shows a lot of fucking privilege that is being exerted by those groups.